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Important Points for Proper Concrete Delivery

Given the current, still very busy, economic climate and the sizeable, seasonable demand for concrete, concrete providers are pushed to the limit to optimize the finite number of trucks, plant size, and personnel to deliver as much material as possible during the course of any given day. In essence, this is a function of logistics, which requires the highest velocity, turnover, and overall utilization of equipment/assets as is physically possible. Most importantly from a consumer/customer standpoint perspective, the desire to have competitive, timely, and quality concrete delivered and placed in your concrete form is critical to a job completion and ultimate success. Preparedness to receive a concrete delivery in Massachusetts is, therefore, the most important element a customer/contractor can do to assure the goals of all involved are met.

Job Site Dynamics: 

Understanding what kind of concrete truck will be arriving to the job site is very important. Barrel mixers can deliver concrete from either the front or the rear, while a volumetric …metered truck used by Concrete Quick creates fresh, precisely measured, custom concrete from the rear of the truck. Site conditions – i.e. did it just rain, will it be slippery, is there considerable incline issues, what type of reach will be required (will an additional chute be necessary or maybe a pump truck), will wheel barrows be necessary…are they assembled, tires aired, and an able bodied crew ready to work, are just a few of many questions that need to be answered so that when the concrete truck(s) arrive everyone is ready to work. Understanding the truck access routing on the job site to the concrete forms, where the septic system is located and underground utilities that can either easily be crushed or cause the concrete truck to sink and get struck in your yard could have a devastating consequence. Of equal concern for access on the job site is clearance limitations: height, width and turning radius. Have a good understanding dimensionally if a concrete truck will fit; otherwise, inquire, if necessary, with the concrete supplier prior to the day of delivery.

Form Preparations:
 Everyone’s time is valuable is a fact that goes a very long ways to appreciating construction job dynamics. It has happened more times than I care to recall that a Concrete Quick truck has arrived at a job site and the forms are still being installed and it will take an estimated 15 minutes more. That is totally unacceptable. Please be ready to go; otherwise, additional charges may apply and you will make the concrete provider late for subsequent deliveries. If a building inspector must view and approve the forms, please do not schedule concrete prior to that concurrence. Successful concrete work begins with a solid foundation (no pun intended!) onto which concrete will be poured. Drainage and compaction are the critical components to that success and longevity: winter conditions will freeze water under the concrete causing it to heave and crack if water concerns and compaction are not properly dealt with at the outset.

Tools and Concrete Placement: 

 For the small load concrete job requirements….homeowners in particular, it is helpful to have gloves, trowels, edging tools, screed board, bull float, and iron rake or concrete lute ideally are tools that the homeowner should have at the ready when the concrete truck arrives. With easy access to many on-line tutorial videos, any homeowner can become reasonably competent at concrete home projects very quickly. At the very least, there is a basic understanding of what needs to be done to enjoy home project success by taking some of the mysteries away and avoiding rookie mistakes.

Don’t be hesitant to ask questions from your Concrete Quick contacts and drivers. Concrete Quick drivers will always be courteous, polite and willing to extend a hand to make your concrete project a success. Call Concrete Quick and ask for Clyde….at (508) 868-3946 or contact us online now.

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